Statement by ACDP MP, Rev Kenneth Meshoe

Issued by the ACDP Parliamentary Media Office

ACDP signs Multi-Party Charter for SA agreement

Oct 19, 2023

“Mr Chairman, Hon Velenkosini Hlabisa, Leadership of the Multi-Party Charter for South Africa, and members of the media.

It gives me great pleasure to announce today that after lengthy discussions, engagements, and broad consultation with ACDP members, supporters and friends, we have finally received the mandate from our members to join the Multi-Party Charter for South Africa.

The vision of this Multi-Party Charter for SA is to “form a new government that will build a just, inclusive and prosperous South Africa based on opportunity, freedom and security for all of its citizens.”

I want to reiterate and re-assure all our ACDP members and supporters that we will not form a coalition before the 2024 elections, as alleged, but only after the elections, if that is deemed necessary.

My Deputy President, Hon Wayne Thring, received a call from KZN this morning alleging that the ACDP will be signing a coalition agreement with the DA today. The Mail & Guardian also reported that the ACDP are preparing to join the “Multi-Party Opposition Coalition”.

I want to appeal to all journalists here today, to please report true facts of what the ACDP will be signing today.

We have signed a Multi-Party Charter, formed by opposition parties that agree that South Africa needs a viable alternative to the ANC government which has ruined this country.

This Multi-Party Charter for SA is a coming together of opposition parties to lay a framework and rules which will govern a possible coalition post the 2024 elections should that need arise. The Multi-Party Charter for SA is not a coalition and the ACDP will not form a coalition with the DA or any other political party before the 2024 elections.

To partners in the Multi-Party Charter for SA, I want to assure you that with the ACDP, you are welcoming a party based on biblical principles, undergirded by moral integrity. The ACDP is committed to values that will make any future cooperation successful, values such as trust, respect, accountability, and transparency. When the ACDP speaks about respect, as an example, we look at it on four levels.

1. Respect for God
2. Respect for self
3. Respect for others, neighbours
4. Respect for property

Thank you and God Bless.”


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