Statement by ACDP MP, Rev Kenneth Meshoe

Issued by the ACDP Parliamentary Media Office

ACDP marches to defend human rights and freedoms of all South Africans

Apr 27, 2023

The African Christian Democratic Party today marched to Constitutional Hill in defence of the Human Rights and Freedoms of South Africans as enshrined in The Constitution.

The march, which formed part of the ACDP’s Freedom Day celebrations, kicked off at Beyers Naude Square in Johannesburg and made its way to Constitutional Hill where ACDP President and Leader Rev Kenneth Meshoe MP handed over a memorandum to the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services.

Rev Meshoe said, “The main reason we marched to Constitutional Hill is to defend the rights of all South Africans. Our government is allowing our freedoms to be lost. Others seem to believe that we are free and celebrate our gains as a country, but the ACDP wants the South African population to realise that we are losing those gains.”

“The right to choose is one such right. What happened during apartheid cannot be repeated in our Democracy that we painfully fought for. Government is depriving us of basic rights such as access to clean water and electricity. We have a government that is not improving, but that is regressing our quality of life through our people having to drink dirty water and live without electricity daily. If the ANC does not want to do anything about our dire living conditions, then they must step back and allow other parties, like the ACDP, to govern and ensure that the rights and freedoms of South Africans are not lost but enjoyed.”

“The World Health Organization (WHO) has requested that amendments be made to their constitution so that rather than them making suggestions and recommendations, what they say must be final. They, in essence, want to have the last word over the health policies of every country, including South Africa, and countries cannot decide for themselves regarding their health options or choices. Every country should have the freedom to decide what they want, and what they don’t want in terms of health decisions – ours should be no different. We do not want officials in Europe or America, who are not elected by the people of South Africa, to impose on us when to enforce their mandates in terms of lockdowns. As a sovereign State we have the right to make our own decisions,” Meshoe said.

The ACDP has a history of fighting for and protecting the constitutional rights and freedoms of all South Africans. We call on the citizens of our country to join us in our continual fight to protect these freedoms and rights.

The Founding Provisions of the Constitution declares that South Africa is a Sovereign and Democratic State. The WHO seeks to undermine this Founding Provision and the ACDP appeals to all patriotic citizens to oppose the attempts by the WHO to strip nations of their sovereignty.

We further call on the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services and his Department, to uphold his mandate as a public servant of the people, in protecting these freedoms and rights, as the ACDP does.


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