Response to the Draft Resolution (Mr J S Malema) on the Removal of the Israel Embassy In South Africa and Suspension of all Diplomatic Relations with Israel
ACDP MP, Rev Kenneth Meshoe

Issued by the ACDP Parliamentary Media Office

ACDP leader says EFF and ANC love for the haters of Israel is much more than their care for the people of South Africa

Nov 16, 2023

“On behalf of the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP), I hereby wish to reject the EFF motion in the name of Mr JS Malema that we are debating today. The ACDP totally rejects this dangerous motion because it is full of lies, inaccuracies and deceptions.

To label Israel as an Apartheid State is a lie that was coined by haters of Israel. Furthermore, to insinuate that Israel does not own land they are living on is another lie that the ACDP rejects. It is only the enemies of Israel, the ignorant and the people who are allergic to truth, who stubbornly refuse to accept the fact that the land the Israelis are living on was given by God to Abraham and his descendants long before the existence of Christianity and Islam.

Speaker, the ACDP rejects the EFF’s call to government to close the Israeli Embassy in South Africa and suspend all diplomatic relations with Israel. The EFF is ignorant of the fact that South Africa needs Israel much more than Israel needs South Africa.

The EFF and the ANC must stop being hypocrites and accept the fact South Africa has many needs – and Israel has the expertise to meet them in areas such as healthcare, innovation, technology, agriculture, and economic growth. Without Israel, we risk diplomatic tensions that can hinder communication channels for addressing regional issues and ending business collaborations that would reduce economic opportunities, trade, investments, and job creation.

It is hypocritical for Mr Malema and the EFF to accuse Israel of killing defenceless children and women in Gaza when they know that Hamas, their brutal friend, is using women and children as human shields.

The ACDP wants to know when is the EFF and ANC going to start wearing scarfs in solidarity with South African families whose loved ones are killed daily in this country? The wearing of Palestinian scarfs when they come to Parliament highlights the fact that they love haters of Israel much more than they care for their own people here at home.

In conclusion Speaker, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn reminded us the other day that in the book of Jeremiah God said “As long as the sun and stars of heaven remain in the sky, so long as the order of the cosmos is in place, the Jewish people will remain a nation before Him.”

He further said the enemy has raged against the children of Israel for thousands of years. The Pharaohs tried to destroy them, Assyria tried to wipe them out, Babylon tried to smash them, Rome tried to eliminate them, the Nazis tried to annihilate them, BUT, the nation of Israel still lives because THE GOD OF ISRAEL, THE GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC AND JACOB IS ALIVE.


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