Statement by ACDP MP, Rev Kenneth Meshoe

Issued by the ACDP Parliamentary Media Office

ACDP condemns truck attacks 

Jun 11, 2023

The African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) condemns the torching of several trucks on our highways over the past few days in South Africa.

The robbery of truck loads, as well as the malicious damage to property, and attempted murder of truck drivers, is unacceptable and does not bode well for foreign investments and food security in our country.

We cannot have a repeat of the July 2021 unrest where millions were lost to our economy whilst our government sat by and watched lawlessness unfold and flourish.

The fact that not a single person has been arrested in any of these torching incidents, which seem to be carefully planned and carried out to sabotage our economy, speaks volumes to the inadequacies found in our intelligence services and police force – indicating that they have not learnt to prepare for, and effectively combat, similar incidents that have happened in the past.

The ACDP calls on the Ministers of Police and Intelligence to do more than just condemn these hideous acts, and to lead the way into bringing the culprits to book.


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