Your Women of Destiny


As a supporting arm of the ACDP, Women of Destiny is an active contributor to community development and growth. Women of Destiny aims to implement ACDP policies in a practical way, applying the Biblical principles of the party in various hands-on empowerment projects.

Women of Destiny currently functions in all nine provinces in South Africa and is committed to uplifting communities and improving the lives of those less fortunate. Here are some of the projects they have run:

Love Thy Neighbour
The Women of Destiny members in Ekurhuleni in Gauteng have taken up this responsibility by caring for the children in their area. Providing breakfast, money for transport daily, clothing and school uniforms for the children as well as taking them to church on Sundays.

Vetkoek vir Afrika
With sponsorship of flour and yeast from Sasko, the Vetkoek vir Afrika project was launched in the Western Cape with the aim of assisting unemployed women in making an income by baking vetkoek. Teams have been initiated in various areas such as Langa, Phillipi, Ravensmead, Khayelitsha and Nyanga, where they equip women to effectively manage and run their own small business.

HIV/Aids Home
The scourge of HIV/Aids has touched the lives of all South Africans and Women of Destiny have accepted the challenge of loving and caring for those sufferers who are often cast aside by families that can no longer take look after them. A home for HIV/Aids patients was established in Alexandra, Gauteng where Aids sufferers are accommodated and cared for by dedicated volunteers who work day and night to ensure they receive the necessary treatment.

Power Meal Project
South Africa is indeed a mixed economy, blending wealthy first-world cities with third-world deprivation and underdevelopment. Many children in South Africa suffer from serious malnutrition, as their poverty-stricken parents are unable to provide for them. A feeding project operating in the North West Province has developed a scheme offering the underprivileged meals in the form of a pack of pre-cooked maize and soya mix, which feeds one adult or four babies.

Village Bank
With high unemployment in South Africa, many South Africans are forced to create their own opportunities to earn an income. However, the most difficult part of the process in establishing a small business is often raising the funds to get started. A Women of Destiny project called the Village Bank operating in Mpumalanga helps to finance and assist people, mostly from the rural areas.

Various other projects are regularly being launched and run in the different provinces. Communities are encouraged to get involved in these projects and the can contact their Provincial Women of Destiny representative for further information.