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Ramaphosa must urgently root out corruption starting with his cabinet

5050Madam Speaker, Honourable President Cyril Ramaphosa, and honourable members.

The excitement, hope and great expectation that filled this House on Friday night during the State of the Nation Address, reminded me of the days when the late former President, Nelson Mandela, was with us in the House. Thank you Mr President for giving hope to the people of South Africa.

Speaker, after making a befitting tribute to Madiba, the President made a commitment to ethical behaviour and ethical leadership. The absence of these two critical essentials in the previous administration, are among the foundational causes of the Capturing of the State of our country.

Even though it was encouraging to hear the President promise that the tide of corruption in our public institutions will be turned, I wondered whether he will have sufficient support to succeed because corruption has now become ‘a culture’ in some of our departments and institutions. It has become so endemic, that trustworthy officials and police officers have become fewer and fewer by the day.

The ACDP calls on President Ramaphosa to show his intention to urgently root out corruption by starting with his cabinet. On Wednesday, we want to see a new Minister of Finance give the Budget Speech. We want to see captured ministers and deputy ministers who are entangled in a web of corruption investigated as soon as possible. Justice must be seen to be done, and done without fear or favour.

Speaker, the President also promised to address concerns about political instability, and to ensure that there was policy certainty and consistency.

This, we believe, is crucial to ensure economic growth. While the ACDP believes that government must have a just and fair land redistribution programme, we are convinced that the expropriation of land without compensation will create policy uncertainty, and will potentially hinder the expected flow of new investors into our country. Besides the fact that we believe it is unjust to take a legally registered property from someone without compensation, we believe that this will dampen hopes for a peaceful and united future.

The unemployment rate in our country remains unacceptably high; South Africans, particularly South Africa’s youth, deserve better. Our country is blessed with many natural resources and our people are resourceful.

The fact is that government ignored warnings a few years ago when there were signs that we would run out of water in Cape Town is totally unacceptable.

But, what is even more devastating is to hear that both National and Western Cape Provincial governments refused help from internationally acclaimed Israeli water technicians to prevent water shortages.

I know that movements such as the BDS and other anti-Israel organisations are urging government to boycott Israel because of the apartheid lie. Surely it is irresponsible for government to refuse help from experts that would benefit all people, particularly the poor and the vulnerable because of narrow political agendas.

I therefore want to appeal to you Mr President not to be influenced by people who hate Israel more than they love our people. The politics of hatred will not help our country. Hatred does not build; it destroys. Hatred does not unite; it divides and hinders progress and prosperity. Political agendas of every kind have brought anxiety and much suffering in many parts of the world, including in this beautiful city of Cape Town. The ACDP calls on government to be humble and ask for help from people with a proven track record – people who  live in a desert and yet have no water shortages.

Mr President, we welcome your commitment to reinforce ethical behaviour and ethical leadership. We urge you to pursue truth, righteousness and justice for all, irrespective of race, socio-economic status or party affiliation. As you do, the ACDP, together with millions of South Africans, will also say “send me!” With the Almighty God at our helm, we will work together towards creating a beautiful and prosperous South Africa for all!

I thank you.

Reply to 2018 State of the Nation Address
19 February 2018

ACDP Leader calls on Zuma to place the country above himself

ACDP Leader Rev Kenneth Meshoe expressed deep concern about potential violence being encouraged by the tone of the current President’s statement which was clearly dividing, rather than unifying the nation at this critical hour and has called on President Zuma “to place the country and our people’s welfare” above himself.

Rev Meshoe said “The ACDP welcomes the speedy action taken by the Chief Whips and Officials of Parliament to facilitate the transition of power necessary in the face of the ANC decision to recall Jacob Zuma.  Parliament has a constitutional role and responsibility in placing a President in office and in removing a President.

We are satisfied that every effort is being taken to ensure minimum disruption to the programme of Parliament and the lives of the South African people.”

In the Chief Whips Forum and programming meetings today it was agreed that the EFF Motion will be tabled for tomorrow afternoon at 14:00, and a Plenary scheduled for Friday morning at 10:00, to elect and swear in the 5th President of the Republic of South Africa. A State of the Nation Address (SONA) will then take place on the same day at 19:00.  The SONA debate will take place on Monday, February 19th, and the new President will respond on Tuesday.

Once the motion of no confidence passes in the National Assembly the current President will be out of office with immediate effect.

If the President resigns in the meantime the only change will be that an acting President rather than a President will address SONA and there will be no ‘motion of no confidence’.

14 February 2018

Uncertainty surrounding Zuma’s removal is key factor in SONA postponement

ACDP MP and Whip, Cheryllyn Dudley today said that, “The meeting of Chief Whips yesterday confirmed that the State of the Nation Address (SONA), which was scheduled to take place today (Thursday, 8 February), has been postponed, primarily, to allow for consultations between the ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa and President Jacob Zuma who have been in discussions about “transitional arrangements and that South Africans’ concerns about the uncertainty surrounding President Zuma’s removal is a key factor.”

Dudley said that, “The business of the Whips is to see that the work of Parliament continues without disruptions, in the interests of the nation and SONA is therefore likely to be postponed until after the Budget process has been completed”.

The Budget process is scheduled to be completed by 15 March 2018.

In the meantime the discussions regarding ‘transitional arrangements’ are said to be “constructive” and ANC President Ramaphosa is quoted as saying “I am certain that the process we have now embarked on will achieve an outcome that not only addresses these concerns, but also unites our people around the tasks that all of us must necessarily undertake to build our country. We will be able to communicate further on President Zuma’s position as President of the Republic once we have finalised all pertinent matters”.

8 February 2018

ACDP welcomes postponement of SONA

The ACDP welcomes the decision by the Presiding Officers of the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa to accede to the request of the African Christian Democratic Party and postpone the State of the Nation Address (SONA) as a result of political uncertainty.

We are grateful that they allowed common sense to prevail, and correctly assess the mood in our country.

The second challenge we face as the opposition, is to ensure that the current State President, Mr Jacob Zuma, does not deliver the 2018 State of the Nation Address. We believe any leader in the ANC, particularly the Deputy President, qualifies to do so.

The best and right thing Mr Zuma should do now is to resign as State President.

We believe it will be easier to fight corruption and restore investor confidence once Jacob Zuma is out of the highest office in the land. Without effectively tackling corruption we do not look attractive to foreign investors who can assist us to bring down the high levels of unemployment in South Africa.

For this to happen, Mr Zuma needs to go!

6 February 2018