2018 Speeches & Statements

2018-05-22 ACDP notes tight Parliament budget will offer little relief for Parliamentary support services

2018-05-17 Correctional Services budget cut of R605 million will worsen conditions of incarceration

2018-05-17 ACDP says Higher Education budget must move South Africa in direction of greater readiness to meet 21st century challenges

2018-05-15 ACDP encourages government to remain committed to meaningful and positive engagement with all stakeholders in the Middle East

2018-05-15 ACDP calls on department to raise awareness around provisions of Minimum Wage Bill and the Labour Laws Amendment Bill

2018-05-11 Expropriation of land without compensation has historically destabilised economies and destroyed the hopes and dreams that freedom promises

2018-05-10 Declare former SABC board members in breach of their fiduciary duties as delinquent directors in terms of section 162 of the Companies Act

2018-05-10 ACDP appeals to Human Settlements Minister to prioritise approval and implementation of Special Needs Housing Programme policy

2018-05-09 ACDP recommends that Appropriations Committee be approached for Legal Aid SA funding requirements

2018-05-09 ACDP supports inadequate Social Development Budget as gesture of support for efforts made to eradicate poverty and provide protection for society’s most vulnerable

2018-05-09 Television can pioneer innovative ways to address stereotypes and change attitudes towards maths and science

2018-05-09 ACDP withholds support for Basic Education Budget and strongly objects to cost-cutting measures

2018-05-02 ACDP disappointed that National Minimum Wage was not implemented yesterday

2018-03-27 ACDP says political party funding bill a victory for multiparty democracy

2018-03-15 “Is this House really okay with the fact that in South Africa, human dignity is for sale?”

2018-03-13 HPCSA must not prejudice young aspiring doctors

2018-03-08 ACDP says millions of litres of water from natural underground Table Mountain streams must be harvested for human consumption

2018-02-27 ACDP says “no” to land expropriation without compensation

2018-02-19 ACDP says President Ramaphosa must urgently root out corruption, starting with his cabinet (SONA reply)

2018-02-01 Why pro-life Christians should support ACDP’s Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Amendment Bill