National Intelligence

ACDP policy on national intelligence

The role of the intelligence service in South Africa is to ensure that the ideals of democracy and civil security are protected.


  • The ACDP believes that although certain covert services must be maintained, this does not legitimise abusive strategies. Strict controls to avert abuse must be provided.
  • The parameters and scope of intelligence services must be spelled out. The intelligence services must adopt a code of accountability and reasonable openness.
  • In the interest of state security and efficient management, it is of great importance that intelligence structures should be co-ordinated.

The aims and objectives of the Intelligence Service

  • The task and aim of Intelligence is to detect and prevent any form of military rule or insurrectionist movement from threatening our democratic state.
  • There is a worldwide increase in militant groups and fascist movements that can find ways to infiltrate this country. We need to be kept aware of these movements if we are to preserve our hard won freedom.
  • Our state is also being used by crime and drug syndicates to infiltrate all levels of society in order to make our country ungovernable.

Independence of the Intelligence Service

  • We support an independent Intelligence service to co-ordinate the intelligence structures, which is responsible and accountable to cabinet.
  • Support must be given to the National co-ordinator for Intelligence to perform his or her work diligently and effectively without undue control, by a designated Minister who serves as supervisor to the function of the co-ordinator.
  • The authority of the co-ordinator for Intelligence should not to be controlled or impaired by any Minister.
  • Both the Minister and National Intelligence Co-ordinator must agree upon the gathering, co-ordination and dissemination of strategic information.
  • A reasonable amount of power and authority is therefore necessary to ensure the transparency of the functioning operations of the National co-ordinator and the Minister. This will ensure that personnel functions and decision making are maintained.
  • Unless such powers exist, covert decision or cover-ups either by Intelligence structures or Cabinet could well damage the integrity of the Intelligence Services.
  • We believe that our Intelligence Service should be free from Government Interference, but a strong control over its loyalty to this country must be in place.