National Defence

ACDP Policy on National Defense

Independent preparedness

We affirm that governments have a responsibility to build up and maintain a strong military preparedness to protect their citizens from foreign threats and subversive influences, which may deprive them of their liberties.

South Africa’s national defence force must be vigilant and act as an effective deterrent against any possible outside threats.

Arms production and distribution

Bearing in mind South Africa’s capability to produce sophisticated weaponry, we oppose the sale of arms to any nation that would use those arms to the detriment of the free world.

Arms reductions

We favour the pursuit of multilateral reductions in the nuclear and chemical weapon arsenals of all nations.

Foreign commitment

 An important task of the armed forces is to help preserve international peace and to provide assistance and services in domestic and foreign disaster situations.

Domestic duties

The regular duty of the navy, air force and military is to protect the security and sovereignty of this country.

Domestic duty will also be required in the case of a state of emergency. A state of emergency can only be proclaimed once reasonable and justifiable grounds exist for such measures. The assistance of our defence forces may also be required during times of natural disasters.


Admission to South Africa’s armed forces should be open to all applicants who are of the age of eighteen (18) years, and who are resident in South Africa, in sound physical health and not practising unnatural or immoral lifestyles.

Recruitment should be on a voluntary basis, in times of peace, with encouragement being given to those wishing to make a career out of the services.

Conscription in times of war should make provision for conscientious objectors (on religious grounds) to serve their country in non-combatant roles.