Land Affairs

ACDP policy on land affairs

The ACDP land affairs policy respects the right of all citizens to own property.

The ACDP policy on land affairs would address the problem issues of land imbalances, land restitution and land usage. Equitable principles must be applied to support by the right of all citizens to have access to property ownership.

The ACDP will address the wrongs of the past based on the Biblical principles of restitution and restoration.

The ACDP supports the following policy on land affairs:

  • All South Africans must enjoy security of tenure as well as the freedom to acquire, utilise, rent and sell property, including land.
  • When superfluous State land is not directly utilised, such land should be allocated for the residential needs of communities that have been historically disadvantaged.
  • Ownership of tribal or trust land must be negotiated with the traditional authority and the community so that ways can be found to extend land ownership for the benefit of everyone connected to the land.
  • Land restitution is the process whereby land illegally dispossessed is compensated for or restored to a previous owner guided by principles such as equitable restitution, mutual consent and benefits.
  • Land claims courts are to address issues such as property, which was unfairly acquired.
  • Redistribution of land will be made available either through rent or purchase, for the purpose of sustainable development.
  • The rural poor, labour tenants and entrepreneurial farm workers will have opportunity to access such land through a system facilitated by government’s own land assets and that of other landowners.
  • There is a large backlog of land restitution and reallocation cases that have to be heard by the courts. The issues are complex and require in depth examination in order for justice to be served. The ACDP will investigate forms of general ‘out of court settlements’ which will allow people to access land immediately without waiting many years for their cases to be heard.
  • We will also take into consideration that to make effective and productive use of reallocated land, communities must have access to finance and other resources
  • With regards to the land tenure and security of tenure, the right of the farm workers must be protected.
  • The involvement of farm workers and farm owners in drawing up legislative protection on how land tenure can be equitably applied will be ensured, however, to a foundational principle.
  • Unlawful land occupation is unacceptable, and as such the availability and usage of land will enjoy high priority. Squatting is a symptom of previous land affairs practices. Squatters will not be accommodated, however the problem will be dealt with humanely and efficiently whilst the cause is addressed.
  • Whilst addressing these issues the ACDP will not lose sight of the necessity of maintaining a dynamic agricultural sector, therefore welfare and efficiency objectives must be reconciled.